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Play Out Gender-Equal Apparel

At Play Out, our mission is to lead the next generation of fashion by applying equality to design, shopping, and gender expression. We’re building the future of inclusive fashion through a new gender-equal values-driven shopping ecosystem, offering community and clothing to help Gen Z shop their authentic selves in real life and the metaverse.

Play Out came from a personal need for gender-expression affirming apparel to exist. Every person should feel able to authentically express themselves and move through the world with positivity and ease. Clothing, and shopping from brands that represent who we are and reflect our values, is a major way that we do that as social beings. We’re creating the brand we wish existed when we were younger.


Drag Queens The Dragon Sisters pose wearing Play Out gender-equal underwear

What does gender-equal apparel mean? Just as people come in different sizes, XS, M, or 3X - they also come in different shapes. For this we offer both flat front and pouch front bottom styles of the same garment, with no men’s or women’s section or gender allocation. When we say we design inclusively, this means there is equal opportunity for shape, size, color, and style in shopping, without gender categories or othering due to body differences.

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